i wrote this song for my cat featured on comeherefloyd

“This tune really is about my cat who recently passed. To make this track I went back to one of my favorite artists from early childhood, Jason Mraz. I sampled a 2001 live performance of his where he reveals that a song presumed to be about a lover, is actually about his cat…I wanted to reimagine this idea, but from a drastically different musical background, and obviously about a different cat.” PEPE was his cat’s name, JACK BOBLEY tells us. We’d reviewed Jack’s previous single ‘Run (Until We Meet Again)’ in July and we dug that all the way to the other side of the globe. This ‘PEPE’ single is different. But as indicative of Jack’s talents as a producer of pieces, with sufficient clarity of communication to the listener. We dig that all day. Good stuff again Jack. Keep the creativity goin’.

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